July 13, 2010

Creative Play

Now that my daughters are getting older, it's fun to see how their play has progressed. For awhile I wondered if they would ever engage in creative play without being prompted. Now they make up the most interesting games.
Right now Tortilla is having her Barbie ride a horse. She's making the horse noises, too. She's so absorbed in her game that she doesn't even know I'm watching her.
Roo and Sue Sue like to play "robot." We have a magnet that has a small button on it. One of them will be in charge of pushing the button and the other walks around pretending to be a robot. They use monotone robot voices. Right now, though, they're playing a game called "Toodle Wuzzie." I can't figure out the concept, but they're enjoying it.
Cakes loves to dress up. Most days she'll walk around in a princess dress and high heel shoes. She's four and already better at walking in heels than I am. It's a nice feeling that most of the time when I turn the TV on, they ignore the tube and end up playing a make believe game.


Kim said...

I love watching my twins play together, and I do think they started playing together earlier than my singletons ever did. My girls love to role play, sometimes by dressing up and other times through their dolls and stuffed animals. I feel truly blessed that they get along so well, as I know a lot of twins fight, and hope their friendship lasts!

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