July 06, 2010

Swimming is Ruining Our Summer

I've made no secret of the fact that we like to swim. My girls would stay at the pool all day if I let them. Now that they've started swimming lessons they're so brave. They like being underwater. They like diving for coins, rocks and diving sticks. Unfortunately, swimming is taking a toll on our health.
So far this summer I've been to the pediatrician for two ear infections and one case of Swimmer's Ear. Tortilla had the two infections. Each time it was a different ear. I don't know if that's good or not. In all fairness, the first ear infection came after one trip to the pool and it turned out she had pink eye, too. I doubt the swimming caused that ear infection. The second ear infection came just a few weeks later. The pediatrician recommended Tortilla stay out of the pool for 10 days. I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud... possibly even snorted. I explained that we have weekly swimming lessons, so she prescribed ear drops and recommended ear plugs. I care about my daughters' health. I really do. But how do you explain to four four-year-olds that they have to take a long break from swimming when it's sweltering? The ear plugs and drops seem to be making a difference.
Just a week after that second trip, Cakes started complaining about a sore ear. Fortunately it wasn't an infection, just a case of Swimmer's Ear. Unfortunately HER ear drops cost $30 more than Tortilla's. She's now wearing an ear plug in her affected ear.
It's only Tuesday, so I'm sure I'm jinxing myself by saying we don't seem to have any health problems this week... but it's just a matter of time before Roo and Sue Sue start having issues with something, too, I'm sure.


MaryAnne said...

How frustrating. But I'm very impressed at how well your daughters are swimming - that's a skill they will have for life!

LauraC said...

I used to have this problem as a kid too! EVERY TIME I went to the pool, my mom had to give me ear drops in both ears or I would get swimmer's ears. I can't imagine trying to do it times four every time!

Quadmama said...

Right now I'm only doing the drops for Tortilla and Cakes since they're the only ones who have had problems... but at the first sign of trouble with the other two I guess I'll need to give them drops, too!

Anonymous said...

You'll soon find the right formula for the swimmers ear. They're learning a wonderful skill, both fun and exercise.

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