October 05, 2009

Please Tell Me Why....

A few things have been bothering me lately. Maybe some of you can explain them to me.

  • Do all four of my daughters like salad, yet refuse to simply eat vegetables?
  • Does my pickiest eater think cucumbers are the best thing ever, but hates chocolate milk?
  • Does Tortilla accept a carrot every time one is offered to her, but always chews it and then spits it out?
  • Can they only tolerate organic mac and cheese and have serious stomach problems if they eat cheap mac and cheese? (OK, I think I actually know the answer to this one).
  • Do my daughters like quesadillas, but are reluctant to try grilled cheese sandwiches?
  • Do my daughters like hummus, but don't care for my homemade spinach dip?
I suppose if I knew the answers to these questions I would be a parenting expert and would probably be racking in millions with my own talk show!


Sadia said...

On salad, I'd like an answer on that one too. I simply accept that a love of raw veggies constitutes a love of veggies. Don't tell me otherwise.
Doesn't like chocolate milk? I've got nothing for you.
Carrots - Melody had that issue too. It turned out that she hadn't mastered chewing. She loved the taste, but chewing with her front teeth never got carrots to a texture she could swallow. Feeding therapy (oral motor control exercises and an awareness of chewing "technique") addressed the carrot issue.
Mac n cheese - because they have good taste. Or perhaps they have a sensitivity to orange food colouring. I used to be allergic to the stuff.
Have you tried a sandwich press that imprints some sort of Disney character on their sandwiches? I have a boring triangular sandwich press, but it's got Melody eating tuna!
See my first answer. Spinach is spinach, raw and plain, or in dip.

Good luck. I used to think picky eating was a parental construct. Famous last words.

Stephanie B said...

I think the answer to much of it might be simple. Texture.

For the longest, my daughter refused to eat macaroni noodles, but only spaghetti. No amount of reasoning would change one for the other (she's over it now), but it was purely textural.

Quadmama said...

I'll give you both the texture issue, but, really... chocolate milk? What kid doesn't think that's a treat?? These days I think a lot of it just comes down to being reluctant to try something new. Sue Sue originally thought hummus was funny tasting peanut butter... but now she asks for hummus by name.

Anonymous said...

Kristin ,to this day I despise mushrooms but love things made with cream of mushroom soup. Go figure.

Quadmama said...

Good point... I hate tomatoes but love tomato soup. And ketchup.

jayewalking said...

I think it has to do with a saying my mom always had. "Insanity is hereditary--you get it from your kids!" Basically, they are messing with your head. LOL. If everything they did made sense to you, where would the fun be in that? Keep an eye on them because they may all be plotting together. I'm pretty sure my youngest is out for my last bit of sanity, but so far I'm clinging to it. :)

BoufMom9 said...

are you sure you aren't talking about my daughter, Emma? I swear, that is her as well. I have NO clue what she is living off of. It's crazy! She eats no calories, yet has the energy of a jack-rabbit!

Quadmama said...

Well at least I'm not the only one with all these questions running through my head!

MaryAnne said...

My daughter loves cucumbers and chocolate, but she won't drink chocolate milk. And she does the same thing with carrots, has her whole life. I'm still waiting for her to learn to just chew and swallow...

Quadmama said...

One of these days it will happen. I hope.

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