October 07, 2009

Monsters and Aliens

I think this Halloween could be the year my daughters have a full-on freak out. It happens to all kids at some point, right? I remember when my sister was little and a babysitter took us trick or treating. At one point my sister turned around, saw a "monster" behind her and could not be consoled for quite some time.
Last year I was extremely concerned about how my daughters would handle Halloween. My solution? My four little witches went trick or treating in broad daylight. It was barely dusk by the time we returned home. For the remainder of the evening they handed out candy to the other ghouls and goblins, and seemed fine viewing the monsters from the safety of a house.
This year, however, they're more aware of "scary" and what it means to be frightened. They're more vocal about their feelings and they're not afraid to be afraid. We have one neighbor who goes all out on Halloween. He has scary music playing in his garage. He chases trick or treaters with a fake chain saw. I'm not sure my girls are ready for that. We will likely have to skip his house.
My daughters are excited to dress up for Halloween. They're going to be flowers this year. They can't wait to go door to door and say "Happy Halloween!" (Wait until the remember candy is part of the deal!) I want them to retain their enthusiasm for Halloween and will do my best to make sure this year isn't too spooky for them.


Stephanie B said...

My first husband (like my current one) would go all out for Halloween and would dress up like the Grim Reaper and had a strobe light that scared some kids. My daughter, then five, who was and has always been intrepid, would calmly walk out when kids where spooked, with candy and explain it was all a trick, don't worry. My current husband isn't quite so foolish as my first.

I hope it all goes well. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I hate to have kids scared out of their enthusiasm.

maryanne said...

We're lucky to live on a street where neighbors put up pretty preschool-friendly Halloween decorations. I hope your daughters have a fun, spook-free Halloween!

Quadmama said...

Hubby goes all out for Halloween, too so I know he'll help me make sure the girls have an enjoyable time.

twinmama said...

This will be the first Halloween for my girls. I really don't know what to expect for them, but you have brought up a good point. Hopefully they won't be too scared. We are going out with friends and their kids, so maybe there is safety in numbers?

Quadmama said...

The first Halloween we took my daughters trick or treating went pretty well. They had just turned one and we had help so someone carried each of them. We only went to a few houses and then headed home. I think at that age they were too young to really notice what was going on.

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