October 14, 2009

Little Luxuries

Having spent Saturday night through this morning with no hot water, I've realized all the little luxuries I take for granted. (Yes, the water heater was fixed yesterday, but a gas leak forced us to shut off the gas last night until the leak could be repaired this morning. Welcome to my life). I know I'll sound spoiled, but after spending several days boiling water to wash my dishes, I know there are certain luxuries I hate living without.
  • Hot water is definitely at the top of my list. I am grateful for clean drinking water. I am spoiled by hot water to shower and bathe.
  • My dishwasher: sorry but I hated washing dishes for six by hand every day
  • Power everything in my car: The computer system in our Suburban needed upgraded about a month ago. I discovered this when the power locks, windows, etc. wouldn't work. Luxury? Yes... and quite a nice one when you're trying to keep track of four toddlers in a busy parking lot. Hit a button, the doors are unlocked and you can toss everyone in the car in a hurry.
  • My hair dryer: I have crazy, random waves and curls in my hair that can only be tamed by my hair dryer and hair straightener.
  • Netflix: it's the one splurge Hubby and I have. We don't have cable. It's cheaper to just rent what we want to watch through Netflix.
  • Frydaddy: OK, I don't actually have this, yet. Our neighbors recently had us over for a Mexican feast, which included chips made in their Frydaddy. My mother-in-law has Hubby's grandma's Frydaddy and never uses it, so she's giving it to us. Hubby and I have already made a pact that we are using it just for chips (they're delicious!). Please confiscate the Frydaddy if I ever blog about deep frying Twinkies.
  • A ceramic top stove: I no longer have one of these. I didn't realize how wonderful it was until I went back to a regular stove. Boooo!
Of course, I'm also grateful for my health and my family... but I consider those necessities, not luxuries.


Nicole S. said...

3 Cheers for the Fry Daddy! When I was little, my dad would get all of us kids into the kitchen by pronouncing "its time for a potato project!" - which basically meant we were making french fries. We all chopped potatoes, he fried them, took them out put them in a brown paper bag and shook them up with some salt. Viola! Homemade french fries. Its one of my favorite childhood memories. :)

Quadmama said...

Stop giving me ideas for more ways to make things tastier with the Frydaddy! LOL

maryanne said...

I'm very much with you on the first three. My family never had a dishwasher growing up and Emma was 9 months old before we owned one. I LOVE setting dirty dishes in our dishwasher and opening it to find them sparkling clean an hour later.

I should probably use your fourth luxury, but I'm lazy and just leave the crazy curls/waves/frizz in my hair. Sad, but true - and probably one of many reasons I would never get hired as a news anchor :)

Quadmama said...

I don't know how I would have survived all those dirty baby bottles without a dishwasher.

glitzen said...

a Frydaddy sounds so cool, but then my husband would want everything fried! I mean, everything. He doesn't like healthy stuff, I have to sneak it on him.
Dishwashers...yes! A must have. I made my two girls wash by hand for a week, because they kept leaving the dishwasher full of dishes. Cured!

Quadmama said...

A week of handwashing dishes? Yep. That would do the trick.

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