July 12, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

Last night before my daughters went to bed, Hubby was randomly flipping through the TV stations. Suddenly, all four girls grew quiet... then they started giggling and dancing around. What in the world was holding their attention like this? The Lawrence Welk Show. No, I am not joking. We left the show on and they danced around, having a grand time. Hubby and I joked that their great-grandma Judy was likely looking down on them, pleased to see them enjoying one of her favorite shows.
This all has me thinking about how many things from the past are popular again. (OK, I realize The Lawrence Welk Show isn't poised to make a big comeback, but it's the thing that started this train of thought). For instance, on Saturday mornings my daughters watch Strawberry Shortcake and The Care Bears. They each received a Care Bear from Santa this past Christmas. A few months ago I picked up some Care Bears DVDs at Big Lots for $3 each. It turns out they were the "old school Care Bears," the ones most of us adults grew up with. The new Saturday morning cartoons are actually much better than the older version, although my daughters seem to tolerate the DVDs I bought.
I work retail and you might be amazed to see some of the fashion trends that are popular. We recently had an entire area full of... are you ready for this? LEG WARMERS! Can you believe that? I actually saw teens buying them, too. Alas, they weren't wearing them with the Flash Dance ripped sweatshirts. Yesterday I was working at the jewelry counter and in our "fashion jewelry section" I found... JELLY BRACELETS!!!! I remember buying them by the dozen, filling my arms with various colors, twisting two bracelets together to be even "cooler." The bracelets in my day were a lot cheaper than this "new" version.
Remakes of Witch Mountain, a movie version of Bridge to Terabithia, and you know it won't be long before singers start releasing covers of Michael Jackson's big hits (David Cook's version of "Billie Jean" will always be the best!)... perhaps I should just sit back and enjoy revisiting of my childhood!


MaryAnne said...

Cabbage Patch kids are back in stores lately also, along with My Little Pony horses. I think retailers are counting on nostalgic parents to help market :)

Quadmama said...

Ohhh, I forgot about those. Hubby thinks since our generation is now in charge of marketing, etc. we'll see a lot more recycled ideas from our childhood.

Stephanie B said...

Won't make much difference to me. When I was a kid, *sigh*, I wasn't one. It's all new to me with kids.

Quadmama said...

Well, then, you can't argue when one of your daughters wants to wear leg warmers!

Michele said...

I love how the old stuff comes back! I loved all the Fisher Price little people and their "town", with the house and school house and city...now...they are those big chunky people though...I say, bring back the old for those!!!
Its scary to know that my kids dont even know what cassette tapes are!!!

ps...love the new site! Still following! ;)

Quadmama said...

My daughters are all about Little People... I wonder what they would say if they saw the "old" version. Makes me wish I had saved mine!

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