September 14, 2011

Kindergarten Kids = Salespeople?

When I picked up my daughters from school yesterday, one of them came rushing up, asking me if she could sell her toys to win prizes. Huh? The whole school had just come out of an assembly for a fundraiser. All the kids are being asked to sell crap (let's face it, that's what it is) and the more crap you sell the more prizes you win. (These prizes could also fall in the "crap" category as I think they're pretty much things from the dollar store).
I get that our schools are underfunded and do what they have to do to bring in money. But I hate that my nearly-six-year-olds had to sit through a sales pitch that involved being shown "fantastic" toys and prizes they can win.... if only they do their part.
I don't need what the school is selling, so why should I ask my neighbors, friends and family to cough up money for these items. Fortunately, there is an option that allows you to simply make a donation to the school. Each $10 donation counts toward a "prize" item. We'll go that route, I guess. Wouldn't it be easier to just institute an additional "fee" per family instead of asking our kids to go door to door?


Stephanie Barr said...

Amen. I write a check and file the fundraiser. I don't remember it that way when I was a kid.

MaryAnne said...

I hate the door to door approach, too. It is always nice to see a donation alternative, at least!

Melissa Ann said...

Its become a dreaded part of the school year at our house. This year they are giving the kids daily incentives. My poor boys are so upset that they haven't sold anything and don't have one of the prizes. I refuse to buy "crap", hello...we're still in a recession here. I guess I can complain or become a member of the PTA and help them find a better fundraising ideas, but that's not going to help my kids who feel left out.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I so dread this part of our girls starting school in a couple of years. It's bad enough to have to sell stuff...I hadn't even thought about the pressure that's put on little ones to "win" cool prizes. Ugh.

Jimmy said...

Indeed, this is a better option. I did not have to sell stuff when I was in school, but I imagine what it would feel like. If it was later in life - yes, that could be a nice experience, but for a six years old? No.

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Novabella said...

I agree with your comments about buying things you don't need and prizes that are junk. consumer society at its worst!

There are pretty strict laws about advertising aimed at children (depending upon where you live, I guess)-- I'm wondering why this approach (direct appeals to kids to sell stuff) is even allowed?

Becky said...

I dislike when they do this. It's not fair to the kids who will be disappointing it's not fair to the parents. Our schools (I think) still do these but have also started a fundraising program called "MarketFresh" I's basically a lot like Schwan but money goes to the school...they also have done fresh fruit sales. Although more practical options, I still don't participate. A mama can only do so much, ya know? :)

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