September 20, 2011

The Drop Off Lane

We're nearly a month into the school year. You would think by now parents would have the drop off routine down pat. Wrong! The drop off is ridiculous. Nearly every parent thinks his or her time is more important than the person in the front of the line.
In theory, parents are not supposed to get out of their car in the drop off lane. Unfortunately, teachers have not been outside recently to help with the process. I don't have a problem with parents getting out of their car to help a child. Those of us with bigger vehicles know it can be difficult for a child to climb out while loaded down with a backpack and lunch box. When no teachers are outside, I wait to pull up to the very front of the line, get out, get all my girls out, say bye and get in my SUV and drive away. Then you have the parents who start unloading in the middle of the line, talk to their kids or a passing parent, heck, maybe even take their child by the hand and walk them to the school. No. NO. NO! If you're going to walk your child to the door, you need to park in the parking lot. It's a process, people!
Oh, and let's not forget the parents who drive into the parking lot and try to zip to the front of the line, bypassing all of us patiently waiting to unload. Yeah, I have to admit that when I have the chance I purposely make it so they have no room to pull in. It's the power of the SUV. I have to be to work, too, show some patience.
My biggest beef is the parents who peel into the parking lot. Seriously. It's a school full of young children. Slow down or it's going to be a disaster.
Now I'll step off my soap box! (for today)


MaryAnne said...

I hear you! Most of the parents at our school are really good about this, but there are a handful who make the process difficult (and even dangerous) for everyone. Our principal is nearly always out there, which is why it's as organized as it is, I think!

Quadmama said...

I'm surprised by how few teachers are outside during this process this year. During preschool (same school, but they start 15 minutes later) there are teachers everywhere for the drop off. Even if there's just one teacher outside waving cars along, the process goes a lot faster!

Melissa Ann said...

We have a bus lane that runs in front of the school. Parents whip in there and its like frogger for my boys walking up to school. There's gates there but they choose not to close them. Guess they want an accident. Here's the sad part. Society has established rules and these parents who disregard them are telling their kids its ok, were above the rules. We don't have to follow rules or laws regarding the roads. And we wonder why so many accidental deaths happen. Ok, I could keep going, but this is your soap box today. : )

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