April 26, 2011

Egg Salad Anyone?

Every Easter it's the same dilemma. What do you do with all these hard boiled eggs? Last year I think I only boiled a dozen eggs (three eggs each). This year, Hubby insisted on boiling two dozen (six eggs each). We had a great time decorating eggs on Saturday. The girls were slightly impatient and didn't want to leave their eggs in the dye for very long. Once they saw an egg that Hubby left in for awhile and how vibrant it was, they started leaving their eggs in longer.
The girls aren't big egg eaters. So far we've all had a few salads with cut up egg on them. I'm pretty sure I'll be making egg salad either today or tomorrow.
I was asked to bring dessert to my in-laws for Easter. I let the girls pick what I should make. This is what they chose:
The picture on the Betty Crocker website looks more professional than our end result, but we still had fun. The girls and I enjoy watching shows such as Ultimate Cake-off, so they kept pretending we were on the show. The cake on the left had some "issues." Part of the bottom stuck to the pan, which made it nearly impossible to put on the icing (you cut one cake round in half, ice the bottoms and stick them together to form the body). Hubby stuffed the hind end with marshmallows, which actually made the cake salvageable. The girls named that cake "Fluffy Bum Bum." Guess which piece they all wanted when it was time to eat it? Yep. The area stuffed with marshmallows.
So now we have too many eggs and too much cake. At least we had fun in the process!
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Melissa Ann said...

Its hard with little ones because they are so fragile, but try blowing out a few eggs. You can refrigerate the egg after blown from the shell for 3 days and use it for scrambled eggs or baking. I like to let the kids each pick one special blown egg to save. Glad your family had a good easter.

Quadmama said...

I think I did some of the blown out eggs when I was younger. I remember it being time consuming, but it could be a better alternative than 24 hard boiled eggs!

MaryAnne said...

Those cakes are cute!

We boiled 16 eggs this year, and since Emma LOVES egg salad I think they will get eaten =)

Johnny kept dying Easter eggs and then hitting them against each other. At least he did it AFTER they were dyed.

I celebrated my sixth birthday with my cousin, who was turning three the same day. My mom baked the cake, and my brother somehow stuck his elbow in it. She used jelly beans to fill in the hole, and everybody fought over who got the jelly bean pieces!

reanbean said...

I love the cakes! They look amazing! And so what if you had to improvise a bit. I'm sure the girls loved helping with the baking, and it sounds like they were more than happy to eat their mistake.

I'm so bummed that I got behind on blogging and missed entering your giveaway. I love memoirs too. I'll just have to pester MandyE to send it my way when she's done. :o)

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