June 15, 2010

We Love to Grill ( My Review of CSN Stores)

I was recently approached by CSN Stores to do a review on my blog. I had never heard of this website, and, I must admit, it can be an overwhelming place to visit. The stores sell everything from cookware to lighting to cat climbers.
CSN Stores provided me with a $60 gift certificate to select and review whatever I wanted. It took me several weeks to settle on something. Should I buy something for my girls? Should I buy something for me? Hubby and I considered a cat climber because our cats would be over the moon to have something just for them. I finally settled on an early Father's Day gift for Hubby.
For as long as I've known Hubby he has been a big griller. Oddly enough, he claims he didn't starting grilling until he met me. We grill all year round, regardless of the weather. A few months ago, our neighbor called during a huge snow storm. "Where's your husband" he asked. "He's out back grilling," I answered. I was greeted with the sound of laughter. Apparently the neighbor had looked out the window and saw Hubby, but couldn't believe anyone was silly enough to actually grill in a snow storm. Yep, that's how we roll. Anyway, I settled on the Cuisinart 14 piece Grilling Tool Set with Aluminum Case.
The ordering process was a tad complicated. I entered my gift certificate code, but was unable to finalize the order online. However, I called Customer Service and the woman who assisted me was quite nice. I had zero wait time to reach a representative, too.
The grilling set arrived in about week and I received numerous updates throughout the processing and shipping phase. It was nice to have the tracking number and know exactly which day the package would arrive.
My girls couldn't contain their excitement, so we decided to let Hubby have his gift early. He was quite pleased that I had thought to use the gift certificate on him. The set includes corn holders (a favorite of the girls), tongs, a basting brush, a grill brush and replacement head and a spatula. Hubby's take on it all? He likes the spatula because it has a built-in bottle opener. He thought the tongs were too flexible, but decided it might just be a matter of getting used to using something different.
From my perspective, the tools are easy to clean and they seem durable. Also, I think it's nice to have an aluminum case to hold everything. We're constantly searching though drawers to find our grill tools. My only complaint is that the set comes with what's described as a "$20 Omaha Steaks Gift Reward Card." Unfortunately, I didn't find out until we received the package that you have to spend a minimum of $80 to redeem the "reward card."
All in all, I had a pleasant experience ordering from CSN Stores and encourage you to check out the site for yourself.


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