June 14, 2010

I'm a Big Liar

Remember when I blogged about my "End of School Blues" and said I would be teaching my daughters how to swim? Yeah, feel free to call me a big liar. I had every intention of taking on this task by myself, with some help of Hubby, of course. That went out the window about a week after my post.
We had friends visiting us from out of town. We used their hotel pool and I quickly realized I am not the best swim instructor for my daughters. They didn't want to try anything I suggested: floating on their backs, going under water (which they love to do), heck, even hanging to the side of the pool without my assistance.
I was somewhat frustrated, not because they weren't good "students" but because I wasn't a good teacher... at least not for my own flesh and blood. Then my stepmother found a fantastic website. It's a website made just for swimmers. You can go to the site and find profiles for private swim instructors in your area... they come to your pool, whether it be in your back yard or your neighborhood pool. Some of them also have access to their own pools. I gave it a go and found someone who seemed like a good fit: previous experience with children, CPR certified and decent rates. (Turns out, she does "semi-private groups" with three or more kids so BINGO!)
We had a free evaluation last week. She was amazing with my girls. Within minutes they were floating on their backs, with minimal assistance from her, blowing bubbles in the water and begging for another turn. I'm hooked! I'm also willing to be called a big liar if it means my daughters are learning how to swim!
DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing this website or any of the instructors. It is up to you to research any instructors you may find on this site.


MaryAnne said...

Why is it so much harder to teach things to your own kids? I'm glad you found a good swim teacher!

Quadmama said...

I truly thought it would be easy since they like the water... I think having someone they don't know improves the chances of them listening!
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Stephanie Barr said...

Oh, hurray! The results are good enough for me.

reanbean said...

I do private tutoring after school and all summer long, and the most common thing I hear from parents is, "I would do it myself but he/she just won't listen to me when it comes to reading/writing/math work." So, I'm sure it's not a reflection of your teaching but just a reality of the limits in a parent/child relationship. Sounds like you found someone good, and hopefully the girls will be swimming like fish in no time! :o)

Quadmama said...

I suppose if I had reflected on what it's like doing homework with the girls, then I would have known from the beginning that my swim lessons wouldn't work!

Kim said...

My girls always listen better to other people. It's frustrating, but sounds like the norm.

You've inspired me to get going on setting up swimming lessons. My twins absolutely LOVE the water and we take them to the pool, where they even dive. They have no fear and go underwater with glee. We've been very lazy, because we just put them in their floaty suits and they're fine, but they need real lessons to start learning more than how to dog paddle.

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