June 03, 2010

Happy Quadruplet Day!!!!

Did you know today is a national holiday? OK, so maybe it's not celebrated nationally, but today my family celebrated Quadruplet Day. Hubby and I have been so busy with "stuff" lately (housework, yard work, work in general), that we needed a day just for our girls.
I had promised the girls that we would go to the pool today, so of course we woke up and it was overcast and breezy. Change of plans. They were given the option of visiting a new park or going to the zoo. In the end, the park won. This park was, in a word, AWESOME. It had mountains made of rubber throughout the park and the girls had a blast climbing them. Plus, it was fun just to explore a new play area. The park also has fountains shooting out from the sidewalk. We weren't in bathing suits and, again, it was a tad breezy, so we went and looked at the fountains and got our feet wet, but that's it. I promised to return on a warmer day so we can run through the water.
The girls were a little disappointed that we didn't pack a picnic lunch. But I made up for that when I told them we were going to McDonald's for lunch. (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa P. for the gift cards). Each of the girls got to pick what she wanted.... Happy Meals with Shrek toys, of course. When they opened the boxes, three girls had Donkey. One had Rumplestiltskin (I think that's who it was). The cashier was happy to trade the troll for a fourth Donkey and help us eliminate arguments.
Then we went home and I agreed to let the girls go swimming. I figured if they were cold we would just leave. The pool was surprisingly crowded. We lasted about 20 minutes. When we came home I gave them each a small container of ice cream. Our grocery store has these cool little containers of Ben and Jerry's for $1 each. Then they ran through the sprinklers. They were so cold after that that they went straight to the bathtub.
Our night is winding down and everyone is appropriately exhausted. I would say our first ever celebration of Quadruplet Day was a success... and I challenge you to have a similar celebration with your own family, quads or not. It was definitely worth it!


MaryAnne said...

Happy Quadruplet Day! Sounds like a great way to celebrate =)

Stephanie Barr said...

Sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! I'll bet they'll remember this day for years to come. Very cool idea :)

Quadmama said...

Today they wanted to know if was Quadruplet Day again LOL!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

This is great! I have such fond memories of little "celebrations" from when I was a child. I hope to create some of the same fun memories with my girls. :)

Angela said...

Great idea! Glad you all had sooo much fun!

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