March 02, 2010

Pajama Day

When my daughters came home from preschool yesterday, they excitedly told me that their teacher is having a pajama party at school. It is now my belief that every day should be pajama day at school. Everyone was on their best behavior last night (I may have told them that if they didn't behave then they couldn't wear their pajamas to school). This morning all four of my daughters quickly dressed themselves in their clean pajamas. In general, they are not morning people. Even if they rise at the crack of dawn, they refuse to get out of bed to get dressed for school. I didn't have to say a thing this morning. They were changed before I could find the comb and detangle spray. I'm sure the novelty of pajama day would wear off eventually, but it would be nice to cash in on this just a little longer!
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MaryAnne said...

Pajama Day is always the best theme day - everybody has pajamas, and they are so comfy =)

Quadmama said...

Funny, though, my daughters hate pajama day at home : )

Stephanie Barr said...

Ah, what fun!

Kim said...

Just think of all the time we could save if we didn't have to change our kids out of their pjs. I only have twins, and it's a 20-minute process at the minimum.

Can we have a Pajamas Day for adults? I would like to be able to run errands in mine.

Quadmama said...

Oh, I think a lot of preschool parents already do "Pajama Day"... at least at our school. Some of them are still in their pj's at pick up time!

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