November 04, 2009

Whistler's Mom

Every parent can come up with a few milestones that they wonder why they celebrated. I remember when the Early Intervention people came to our house and taught my daughters how to climb on the couch. My daughters were delighted. The EI specialists were delighted to see how quickly the girls picked up on this activity. I was not that happy. I knew what was coming. From that point on, my daughters were no longer content to be on the floor. Every waking minute needed to be spent on the couch. Unfortunately, they didn't understand the laws of gravity and often came tumbling onto the floor. Many days Hubby and I would simply take the cushions off the couch, or position them so our little monkeys couldn't climb aboard.
The latest milestone that's driving me crazy? Whistling. For the longest time, whenever my daughters would call one of our cats they would shout his name and then make a high-pitched "hoo hoo" sound. What in the world? It took me awhile to realize they thought they were whistling. Thinking it would be less annoying to hear actual whistling I set out to teach them how to whistle. Big mistake.
In the beginning they would pucker up and say "hoo hoo." Then I showed them how to pucker and blow, yet they insisted on just doing the "hoo hoo" noise. And then... Sue Sue figured out how to whistle. Now that's all she does. She whistles at the breakfast table. She whistles in the car on the way to school. She whistles on the way upstairs to get ready for bed. She whistles in bed as soon as she wakes up. Cakes is picking up on whistling, too. She blows out... no noise. She sucks in... a whistle. So from her I hear "woosh... whistle." Tortilla and Roo don't want to be left out so they still do the "hoo hoo" thing. I've decided that the next thing I teach them will be the "who can be quiet the longest?" game!
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HST said...

That made me smile! Cute!

I have also learned the hard way not to teach them anything that I would not like to have repeated a million times! But sometimes I still am caught off guard and think to myself: "Darnit, I should've seen that one coming!"

Quadmama said...

It's funny... I was so psyched to teach them how to whistle... until they actually figured it out.

Stephanie B said...

Teaching children raspberries are also a mixed blessing. It can be cute, but, after a child has been been spitting for twenty straight minutes until their clothing is soaked and your aunt is frustrated at trying to get a decent picture for the family, it doesn't seem so clever.

And we didn't even teach her. Her brother did it.

Quadmama said...

Hubby thought it was really funny to teach our girls raspberries... until we had similar problems while taking pictures on their first birthday!

maryanne said...

I feel that way with Emma and scissors sometimes - but at least I can hide the scissors!

Quadmama said...

Don't get me started on scissors... I'm just glad they haven't tried to give themselves haircuts!

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