November 03, 2009

Daylight Savings Time... Or Why I Can't Sleep In

I understand the concept of Daylight Savings Time (DST). Still, I have to wonder if those who implemented DST had young children. The beginning and end of DST play major havoc with my schedule.
Saturday night Hubby and I kept our girls up a little later than usual... mainly because I was trying to clean up Tortilla after her latest barfing incident. I figured this would buy us some extra sleep, or at least make up for the extra hour. Yet at the crack of dawn Roo was up using the bathroom and asking if she could get up. Even the dark curtains in their room can't fool Roo into thinking she should still be sleeping. (Keep in mind this is the same girl who went to the bathroom at 9 p.m. and asked me if it was "wake up time.") Yesterday? Same story. This morning. Yep... up at least a half hour before she needed to wake up for school. I made her come in to my room and lay down so she wouldn't wake up her sisters. This, of course, simply made her sisters wander the hallway looking for her. Then, instead of getting ready for school, everyone wanted to climb in my bed to "rest." I can't win.
At this point it's not even a matter of sleeping in. I simply don't want to be up at 6 a.m. if we don't need to be. Growing up I loved "falling back" and having that extra hour of sleep on Sunday. Clearly someone needs to explain this to my daughters.
The good news? It is pitch black in their room by bedtime. They are out like a light. I guess I need to learn to find the positive in a sleepless situation.
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Christina said...

I agree! Its tough on us too. I try to look at the positive though! They get up an hour early, so we get up early...more time for coffee and the paper before Daddy gets to work. And at night...its so dark, they are out like a light!

Quadmama said...

Eventually we'll adjust to the change, and hopefully stop waking up too early : )

Stephanie B said...

I hate it. Period. Between trying to coordinate what time zone someone from Arizona is in for telecons, children waking up too early, me staying up too late, I'm a mess. And I think it's dangerous. My daughter's high school's lights that let us know the school zone was active (which has no times posted, just "when flashing") does NOT change with the DST, so it was off when kids were letting out and lit up an hour later. Now, of course, it's in sync, but that was more than two months of it being out of whack.

The stories where we're avoiding going to school in the dark, nonsense, because my daughter did that for more than two months (and will do it again next spring). We're not in the dark ages here. We don't vary (except Alaska) to the same extremes as Europe. Let it go and keep the time the same year round.

Yes, I'm selfish.

Quadmama said...

I'm selfish, too. I noticed until this week all the high school kids in my neighborhood walked in the dark to the bus stop at 6:30am. So why change the time now? I read Hawaii and Arizona don't change... hmm... maybe I can convince Hubby to move!

maryanne said...

We're having DST issues at our house too - but it is definitely helping with bedtime!

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