July 19, 2011

Why I'm Strarting to Enjoy Facebook Again

It took me awhile to get on the Facebook bandwagon. Who wants to put that much personal information out there? Who has time for it? Once I finally joined, I was initially obsessed. It was fun to see what my peers have been doing since graduating high school and college. 
Then the thrill wore off. I would still go on once a day or so, but if I didn't, I didn't care. Now I'm back to having fun with it. Why? Because I've found tons of pages that offer coupons, freebies, etc.
Months ago I "liked" the page for my local Chick-Fil-A. This provided me an opportunity to take my daughters for a free lunch when the restaurant was testing a new program. The need for volunteers was advertised only on Facebook. Tomorrow I'm going to make $50 for one hour of work for helping my local children's hospital test a new website. Again, volunteers were only recruited via Facebook. A few weeks ago a friend encouraged me to "like" the page "Money Saving Mom." The page constantly alerts fans to freebies and coupon deals. In just one week I've earned a coupon for  a free bag of salad, a free sample of body wash and a coupon for free cat food. I'm all about free, plus it's always fun to try new things.
If you have even a remote interest in Facebook, I would encourage you to figure out what you like and then "like" those pages. You never know what deals will come your way!


MaryAnne said...

Facebook is a funny animal, isn't it!

reanbean said...

I joined FB back when I was nursing/pumping. I was on it several times a day, reading all kinds of useless information. But it was fun. Then my kids became mobile, and life got busier, and I decided to stop checking FB altogether because it seemed like such a time suck. But I've realized that I miss out on things by not checking in- photos, important updates (not the ones about mixed up coffee orders, but ones that provide important and/or fun details about people I really care about), and information about things I "like". So, now (as of a few days ago) I'm back to checking once a day. I'm even trying to post updates, just to become more involve in the community. Maybe it's silly, but I'm finding it fun again.

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