July 26, 2011

5 Going on 50

It is always fun for me to check on my daughters before I go to bed. They have such different "sleep personalities." Roo's signature sleeping position is what I call "The Frog." While in the NICU, she was often positioned to sleep on her stomach with her arms and legs bent, making her look like a tiny frog. (Yes, babies should sleep on their backs, but when they're hooked up to a zillion monitors I guess it doesn't matter). She still ends up in this position when she's in a really deep sleep.
Sue Sue often sleeps on her back. I don't know how she finds this comfortable. I am not a back sleeper. Still, most nights that's what she prefers.
Cakes is often sprawled on her stomach, with her arms and legs going every which way. Typically she will roll around and end up sleeping across the width of her bed. I end up moving her back to her pillow almost every night.
And then there's Tortilla. Like her sisters she has a pillow and a Pillow Pet on her bed. For the longest time she would sleep on her Pillow Pet and I would have to move her other pillow to give her more room. Then one night she said "Someone keeps moving my pillow." I explained to her that I had moved it so she wouldn't be cramped in her bed. She looked at me and said "That's my back pillow!!" So now each night I fight the urge to rearrange her pillows, no matter how uncomfortable she may seem. After all, her "weary" 5-year-old body needs the comfort of a back pillow!
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MaryAnne said...

How fun that they are each unique! Johnny is my frog sleeper =)

Lauren said...

One of the perks to being a paramedic in a county with a NICU is you spend a lot of time transporting the NICU team to and from hospitals. A down fall to your nephew never making it out of the NICU is you get to know very well the neonatologist that took care of your nephew and you get to ride around in the back of the truck while they care for other critical babies. She explained to me one day when I questioned why she placed them on their tummies. She said it was actually easier for them to breath and help the quality of respirations at the premature level. I found that a fascinating and comforting bit of information.

Nicole S. said...

Kis are so quirky, huh?! My daughter randomly selects a different stuffed animal that she MUST HAVE for bed. My son has a hoard of plastic trucks which seems like it would hurt him but he yells at me when I try to take them out!

Holly Ann said...

Oh, now that is just too stinkin' cute!

Ky loves to sleep with his head on the bed and his knees on the floor. It's so weird. lol

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