September 22, 2009

Flu Shots Times Four

Now that my daughters are in preschool, I try to have them get their flu shots in mid to late September. Yes, my daughters are vaccinated and receive annual flu shots. If you're here to debate that please go somewhere else.
Anyway, I found a clinic doing shots for $15 instead of the standard $25, so after school yesterday the five us stopped by for shots. Well, the four of them were getting shots... I can get mine free through Hubby's employer. Thank goodness I decided to go directly from school rather than wait until after lunch, which had been my original plan. We received the clinic's last four shots! Oh, they'll receive a new shipment in about a week, but it never occurred to me that there would be a flu shot shortage this year. I guess the H1N1 scare coupled with this particular clinic offering cheaper shots has people rolling up their sleeves. (Yes, I realize this current vaccine does not protect against H1N1, but I'm not sure everyone else realizes this).
I had talked up the shots all morning, explaining to my daughters that it might hurt for a minute but the shot would help protect them from certain illnesses. They seemed onboard with the plan... until the nurse walked in with the syringes. No one wanted to go first. The nurse wanted to do the shots two girls at a time, but being the only one capable of mommy hugs I nixed that idea.
I made Sue Sue go first. She's a tough girl and I hoped she would set the tone. She didn't disappoint. I held her hands and as the needle went in she said "ouch, ouch, ouch" let out a little whimper and then decided the moment had passed. Roo was next. She can be a tad dramatic. She cried, she screamed, she cried some more. This did nothing to help calm Tortilla and Cakes. Roo finally settled down and I grabbed Tortilla. She popped her thumb in her mouth and gave me a pathetic look. I wanted to nix the shot, but knew we had to proceed. She cried, gave me a hug and was fine. As I approached Cakes she looked at me and said "I don't want a shot." I tried to soothe her, told her she could hold my hand and told her she would receive a cool bandage after the shot. She started crying the minute she saw the needle, but Cakes is a trooper. After her shot, she buried her head in my shoulder, gave a few sobs and was done. Fortunately the nurse then handed everyone a sucker. Candy right before lunch? For those four brave girls... absolutely.
Later in the evening when Hubby came home the girls told him all about their flu shot adventure... how brave they were, how they didn't cry. What? Well, I retold the story in front of them and gave examples of each of their cries, which they thought was pretty funny. All this morning they regaled me with tales about how funny it was to receive their shot. Still, on the way to school this morning Sue Sue was adamant... "No shots after school today, OK mommy?"


TanyaMom23 said...

I wish I could say Jackson's reaction was at all similar to any of your girls. He had his 4 year check-up last week and the pediatrician and I agreed that with newborn twins at home, he should get his flu-shot sooner, rather than later. I wonder if the Dr. was re-thinking that as Jackson was lying on the floor kicking and screaming!

Sadia said...

Oh, this takes me back to RSV shot time! Our local RSV shot place was multiples central, since preemies and immunity-compromised kids are the only ones eligible for Synagis. There's one lovely nurse (Candy) who does all the Synagis shots for Central Texas, hated by infant multiples and adored by their patients.

I'm not debating shots, but I have to respond. Hurray for vaccinations! Living in the Third World makes one thankful for medical advances!

Go girls! Show those shots who's boss.

Stephanie Manner Wagner said...

I'll never forget my 2nd oldest son going for his Kindergarten boosters. I had told him they would help keep him healthy and strong for school. I think I mentioned they were a bit like a power booster.

They gave them to him as he just sat there looking very tough. Not a flinch, not a wimper. The nurse and I were amazed. When she finished, she told him "all done" and he sort of jumped up, flexed his arm, and loudly declared "Mom, I'm ready for school!" and growled a bit.

For the record, I never expected that to work and it certainly didn't go that way with my daughter.

Quadmama said...

I think it was around age 4 when I finally figured out what it meant to get a shot... that's why I felt so sympathetic yesterday. They'll be with me when I get my flu shot so they can see mommy has to get a shot, too!

Stephanie B said...

I hate taking kids to get shots. Mine are all troopers and more so when they go with Daddy than I (because I tear up and Lee's completely unsympathetic). However, we have a hard fast rule. If you get a needle, you get ice cream.

Quadmama said...

Ohhhh.. My daughters would love it if I instituted the needles = ice cream rule.

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