June 17, 2009

I Do Not Have a Green Thumb

Gardening has never been a big hobby of mine. If someone gave me a plant I did what was necessary to keep it alive, but most times it still ended up being a wilted mess. I have always wanted to plant a rose bush, but have never had the confidence to try it.
Near the end of preschool my daughters learned about plants. They each brought home a small pot with seeds they had planted. I really wanted this to work. We watered the plants when needed and put the plants outside each day for some sunshine. With all the rabbits in our neighborhood I didn't want to leave the plants outside overnight, for fear they would make some bunny a tasty breakfast. Then one day a huge gust of wind came along and knocked over two of the plants. There was no way to save them. All the soil fell out of the two pots. The girls were devastated since the flowers had just started to sprout. Within days the other two plants seemed to give up and die... or perhaps I gave them too much water.
Then for Mother's Day each of the girls gave me a hand-painted flower pot and a packet of seeds. We had a great time planting the seeds. I even bought a large "trough" and more seeds so we could really get our "flower garden" going. Unfortunately, these plants may be doomed, too. After a huge rain the trough was flooded with water. I poured out what I could and the plants actually survived. Then the bunnies became brave and have apparently been sneaking onto our porch in the middle of the night to taste the flowers. We still have some surviving flowers, so at least the girls are happy. If this keeps up I think I'll just buy them a cactus. You can't kill those, right?


Stephanie B said...

My father was a plant physiologist. My grandfather, a landscape architect. I, however, can kill a plant just by walking in front of it.

I don't know about you, but I can kill cacti just fine.

LauraC said...

I actually have a green thumb with plants in the ground. I look at them and can tell how they are doing, what do they need more of, etc.

Plants in containers though, those things are so easy to kill by overwatering or underwatering. Nate and Alex have killed MINT in a container.

Quadmama said...

Really, Stephanie? I thought a cactus was virtually fool proof. Drat.
Laura: Yep, I'm pretty sure overwatering is our downfall.

MaryAnne said...

I think I usually kill plants by overwatering them. I definitely don't have a green thumb, which is pretty embarrassing since I come from a long line of farmers...

Quadmama said...

My parents always had great gardens, so I understand your embarrassment.

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