June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I've never understood why people are impressed, stunned even, when fathers have a hands-on role in raising their children. It couldn't happen any other way in our house. Sure, Hubby works 40+ hours a week, but his work is just starting when he walks through our door. There are toys to put away, meals to make, pajamas to be put on... it's not easy to come home from a long day of work and have chores to do, but with four toddlers underfoot, there's ALWAYS something to do. I wouldn't be as sane as I am without an equal partner.
With four little girls it would be easy to raise them as "girlie girls." Oh, don't get me wrong, they like pink, rainbows and dolls. But Hubby is a great male influence. They play with his old toy cars. They're not afraid to try new things (well, except when it comes to food). They want to get dirty when they play. They still shriek when they see bugs, but we'll figure that out one of these days.
Everyone makes a huge deal out of Mother's Day. Yes, we moms are extremely important... but so are dads. So make sure you take time to tell your dad and/or husband how much you appreciate him.


MaryAnne said...

Great post, my hubby is very hands-on also, I love being married to a man who is a wonderful father.

Quadmama said...

A great father makes an even greater husband.

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