June 21, 2012

Not My Dryer!

A few years ago my husband's cousin gave us her front loading washer and dryer. She was upgrading and her set was still in good condition. It was such great timing as our own washer conked out the day before our new-to-us set was delivered. Since then, laundry has been so much easier. Having a large capacity washer and dryer is such a wonderful thing when you do laundry every other day. Unfortunately, it looks like our dryer has reached its breaking point.
In the last few months, clothes haven't been dry when the dryer buzzes. A few weeks ago Hubby cleaned out the vents on the dryer and outside the house. Ewwwww. With as much lint and dirt as he pulled out, I was confident my dryer would start running like new. It still didn't help. In the last week I've done some research and suggested he use our leaf blower to blow out the vent. He did this the other day and we expected a cat-size ball of lint to blow out of the vent. Nope. He clearly did a good job pulling out the clogs with just his hand. Then he unscrewed some things and thoroughly cleaned the lint trap. This resulted in a lot of lint and dirt, so, once again, I expected my dryer to back to normal. Nope. We also cleaned off the sensor, but it didn't help.
This, of course, means I'm probably going to have to bid adieu to my dryer and get a new one. (sigh) I would love to be one of those people who hangs her laundry outside to dry but a) I would need a clothes line as long as our block due to all the laundry I do, b) our HOA has restrictions on clothes lines and c) we all have seasonal allergies. 
We've had a good run with this washer and dryer. The washer is starting to give me some trouble, too, but I'm in denial. Unfortunately, I'm running the dryer way too much to get my clothes dry and I'm not looking forward to the next electricity bill. So, it looks like I need to start doing some research on our next dryer and searching the couch cushions for the spare change to pay for it!


MaryAnne K said...

What a shame that cleaning everything out didn't solve the problem! Hope you get a good deal on a new one!

Brandi said...

Ugh...don't you hate when that happens. You guys did everything possible to try and fix the dryer. I hope find a new one soon.

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