August 14, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

The countdown is on for the first day of preschool. When school ended in May I wondered how we would make it through the summer. Now I'm wondering where the time went.
We have had countless days of swimming, our first movie outing, trips to the zoo and, oh yeah, an afternoon with The Wiggles. Some days, though, it feels as though we just didn't do as much as I wanted.
We have just over a week before school starts. In that time we need to buy snacks to share with classmates and stock up on school supplies. No, I did not procrastinate. This year the teacher decided to hand out the school supply list at next week's "Meet the Teacher" event... which means I'll be scrambling to buy everything times four. I even asked for the list in advance, but received a vague reply. Oh well.
The first week of school will likely be exhausting. Not only will my girls need to get back in the habit of rising by 6:30 a.m., we'll also have family visiting from out of town. So when my daughters aren't in school, we'll be wearing them out with other fun activities.
I know they're excited to return to school. Yesterday we drove by the school and they all waved to the building. While it will be nice to have some "me time" when they're back in school, I'm going to miss the leisurely summer days we spent together.


MaryAnne said...

Good luck with back to school shopping, and the start of the new school year!

Quadmama said...

We get our supply list tomorrow, so I think we'll be shopping tomorrow, too. Should be fun.

Roman and Tiffany said...

The summer went by so fast! I hope the girls have fun at school!

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