October 05, 2010

Where's the Q?

Last Christmas, I spotted the cutest ornaments. They're meant to look like decorated gingerbread cookies in the shape of letters. I saw them too late and they were picked over, so I was unable to find an ornament for each of my girls. 
Since most stores are already decked out for Christmas, the ornaments are out. Guess what? There's no "Q." I realize names that begin with Q are rare. I can think of a handful. But still... if you're going to have alphabet ornaments, don't you think you would include them all? (Except maybe X, although there are plenty of boys out there named Xavier, so maybe X shouldn't be excluded, either).
I grew up rarely being able to find personalized items. When Katie, Molly and Matt were cruising around on bikes with little personalized license plates, I got nada because everyone felt my name should be spelled KristEn. Nope. Two "i"s. Even now when I make appointments and such over the phone I'm greeted with either "Ok, so it's K-r-i-s-t-e..." "No, i-n" or "C-h..." "No, it starts with a K." 
I didn't realize when my daughters were born that I saddled them with somewhat common names but with "different" spellings. It wasn't until I started looking at personalized cups, pencils and stickers that I realized I will likely never find these items for my daughters unless I go through a "do-it-yourself" company. Still, I never thought a line of alphabet ornaments would only include 25 letters!


SarahMarie said...

I can't never find anything with the name Keira on it. Colin and Connor are always spelled: Collin and Conor.

Renae said...

That is strange about not including the Q. While it may be true that there aren't many names beginning with that letter, I can imagine there would be at least a few families (or teachers) who might want to purchase the entire alphabet.

I also grew up with a name that had an unusual spelling. When I was a kid I could never find a pencil, cup, or license plate with my name spelled "correctly" on it. I vowed somewhere around 10 years old that my kids would have popular names with traditional spellings. But somewhere in my early twenties, I began to really like the unique spelling of my name. That was also when my grandmother passed away and the spelling pattern that makes my name different was taken from her name.

The name my husband chose for my son was never going to appear on a pencil no matter how we spelled it, so we purposely chose to spell our daughter's fairly common name differently as well (with the same spelling pattern from my name and my grandmother's). That way my son will never have to feel like she's getting something that he'll never have.

Unknown said...

Maybe you could make gingerbread cookies for the girls and write letters on them. I'll bet they'd get good and hard if you put too much flour in them.

MaryAnne said...

Would it be so hard to include the letter Q? My best friend from HS has a daughter whose name starts with Q...

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