July 08, 2009

When (Stuffed) Animals Attack

Every week when I wash my daughters' bedding I end up gathering up a toy box full of "stuff," too. They each have certain things they like to take to bed at night: Tortilla needs her blankie and also likes to have a small stuffed lamb with her. Sue-Sue has her blankie (actually she has two identical blankies and often wants both at night) and a stuffed polar bear she received about a year ago during a doctor's visit. Roo sometimes wants her blankie, but her animal of choice changes on a regular basis. Right now she's all about a stuffed penguin I bought at Kohl's when they had their Curious George themed books and toys. Cakes needs her blankie, but often doesn't want an animal.
The problem is that throughout the week they end up bringing more and more stuffed animals to bed. It starts innocently enough. One day Roo will be attached to a stuffed flamingo and want to take it to bed. Why not? But then a few days later she wants Curious George, and the penguin and the flamingo. Some nights I really don't know who has what in bed with them until we're all upstairs. When I announce "bed time," everyone goes running and I never know who has grabbed a new toy. This week when I did laundry I was amazed Tortilla even found room for herself in her bed. Here's what I found in her bed: her blankie, stuffed lamb, a large stuffed dalmation, a smaller version of the dalmation, a Dora doll, a Beanie baby teddy bear and a purse, yes, a purse. I was surprised to find there wasn't anything in the purse. I fully expected to find it stuffed with another animal, or, at the very least, some magnets.
I'm all about having comfort items in bed. If they want certain things with them to help them sleep it truly doesn't bother me. But when those things start taking over their bed, well, it starts to become an issue. So each week I clean out their bed, leave one or two treasured toys and start the process all over.


MaryAnne said...

My kids aren't into comfort items at all, which surprises me since I was definitely like your daughters as a child - I remember bringing even my rubber ducky to bed!

Stephanie Barr said...

My brother used to be impossible to find in his bed. My son, however, used to have a single item. Oh, he'd have many other stuffed critters around, too, but he had to sleep with a single musical bear. We had to replace it three times.

Now, he's all about blankets and pillows. He will steal blankets from anyone (he tried to steal the afghan I was making him before it was done), but he has a quilt my husband made him and one my friend made him that he HAS TO HAVE. I don't think he's slept without them since he was born, espcially my friend's quilt. They aren't comfort items per se - he uses them as blankets - and he won't sleep in a bed. Instead, he makes a nest for himself in the floor and sleeps there despite everything we've tried otherwise, blankets over his head, just like his daddy.

We're going to make him YET another bed for his birthday in September. Clearly, we're insane.

Roxy started taking dragging the quilt her father made for around. She hugged it in her arms and it was nearly bigger than she was. Fortunately for us, though, she's still in a crib so her blankets stay where she leaves 'em - except she never has a blanket ON her when she sleeps. Ever. Even when it's cold.

Quadmama said...

MaryAnne... we've had our fair share of bath toys in bed, too.
Stephanie: Roo sounds like Roxy. She never sleeps with the covers on her, even in the winter.

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